Saturday, 19 November 2011


That's my position on the standby list.  John Manning just wrote to me, he was glad I had been in touch.

Judging by general Challenger opinion (Thanks Dave, Alan etc...), I stand a very, very good chance of moving onto the participant list.

The delightful and fabulous Mrs M has given me the nod and I am going to continue planning, and hopefully, by 2012 I will know for sure.  This is one occasion where I am actually hoping not to be able to knock off three-score Wainwrights! 

The shoes are back on tomorrow for another walk in the East Anglian countryside, this time with my good pal Den.

Friday, 18 November 2011

1 in 420+

That's what I was.  

I found my fate today by both letter and a leak on the challenge forum.  Ok so not exactly a leak as it was a post from John Manning himself.  

I was one of the 420+ people to find out that I am on the standby list.

I had prepared myself for disappointment, expecting not to get on but I have to say I was strangely close to tears.  It was odd, I guess despite openly and outwardly readying myself for the possibility of a 'No' I already had book my place.  In truth, I fully EXPECTED to get on and not getting on was a complete surprise.  

I have lit the tinder of a few new friendships which I hoped to fuel in the coming months, which I can and will still do.  BUT I WANTED TO GET A 'YES'.

I had promised my wife, who really wasn't cherishing 2 weeks without me (although I would have thought she would have had the opposite reaction), that I would withdraw from the standby list.  But I just couldn't resist asking John 'Outdoors' Manning where I stand on that list, so that is what I have just done.  

I don't know what I will do with the number, I suppose it depends what number it turns out to be.

I do have a plan to finish off my round of Wainwrights - I should be able to do 62 in a year if I make a few concerted forays so that is what I plan to do with 2012.

But what if I am number 1, 2, 3......10, 11, 12 on the list?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


...days to go until TGO Challenge 2012.  

I am still waiting for the nod from John Manning who has recently posted on the challenge forum that the letters are out this week.  Less than 6 months to go now.

Spent this evening testing backpacking stoves and keep coming back to the old favourite of a little gas stove and my trangia 1l kettle.  

I am waiting on a delivery from Minibulldesign for one last go at an alcohol stove and I think that will decide it, finally, for me.

Still waiting for the letter of ACCEPTANCE to go thud.