Sunday, 12 January 2014

I know it's been quiet here, but I have been busy...

Hi folks, I know it has been quiet here, but I have been VERY busy over at British Wildlife Tales working on a lovely little children's book series which will help them learn about the birds and wildlife they see around them.  The first book, called 'The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden' will shortly be available to pre-order, directly from the blog.  Stay tuned to that page for updates.

The next instalment of my 2012 TGO Challenge might make an appearance over the next few weeks too, if I can spare an hour or so.  

This year I am going to apply again, for the 2015 crossing.  I might have got the 2012 write up finished by then. ;-)

Thanks folks, and feel free to direct your followers over to the book blog too, I'd be ever so grateful.