Monday, 21 March 2011

Gear again!

As is irritatingly frequent, I have decided to blog about my gear again - apologies but I love it.  I have recently taken delivery of the following items:

1) The Ultra-Sil Daypack from Sea to Summit

2) The Montane Featherlite Marathon Running Jacket (too small - sent back for a size-up!)

I already have my X-talon 240's (for my feet - google for more info), and I am awaiting delivery of the Rig7 Tarp from Alpkit.

I'm also awaiting delivery of my daughter's first backpack - a Little Life Ladybird - she's only 23 months old so a bergen was unwise.

My TGO Challenge gear list is taking shape but I still haven't gone for a new rucksack yet - for mine is the rather weighty MACPAC Pursuit Classic 55 @ 1.8kg!  I just can't encourage my conscience to agree to discard the kiwi wonder in favour of a lighter stateside pack.  Golite, Gossamer, ULA etc all have my attention.  Darn it - it never ceases.  There's a new force in physics - Gear-avity.  I just can't escape it.

I know I'll get by just fine with the MACPAC so it'll will just allow me to experience another weight saving for the next big challenge after TGOC 2012. 

So its now time to test the kit thus far with a short trip to the Lake District.  I'm heading into Langdale for a foray onto the Pikes, after a wee (very lightweight) dash up onto Lingmoor Fell on Friday pm.  I am struggling to wait to get out into the hills again. 

I'll subject you all to another blog when I am back with some feedback on the various bits of kit.  I might even do a bit of audioblogging if I can get my head around it.

Oh, and I'll elaborate on my accidental involvement on a Yorkshire Three Peaks event due in June this year too. How do I get involved in these things! 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fuel Price Protest 1/4/2011

You may have heard about a protest involving not filling up on 1/4/2011.

Hitting the fuel stations won't work.

FIRST - its not their fault. The FUEL stations make maybe 5p a litre in profit, so around £3.50 per tank full.
The rest is partly overheads, but mainly DUTY and VAT.

SECOND - the fuel stations are, in the main, privately owned. By people like you and I. They just sell a brand and try to make a living, like you and I.

THIRD - they don't set the prices - the fuel companies do that.

So, what say we ALL write to our MP to ask them to REDUCE fuel duty. Keep the duty flexible so that fuel price follows the inflation rate. Still a tough pill to swallow but alot better than the way things are at present.

If we all write they are DUTY BOUND TO LISTEN, and to do something about it.

Google "contact your MP" and get writing.

Please - assuming that this is not a bit of April-Tom-Foolery that is.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

TGOC 2012 to Gear!!!

I seem to have developed a fault. Everytime I read more (or listen to) info about TGOC I appear to drift into the subject of gear.

Is this some kind of infection that takes hold on all people that get involved in the Challenge?

I am currently drifting into the making of my own lightweight gear. I've managed to rough out a prototype windshirt and am going to begin roughing out a pair of windpants.

I have to say that this tiny foray into the world of garment making is going to blossom into a bit of an obsession. I can literally make my own anything, even dehydrate my own food if I want!

Does this happen to everyone?

If you are following, I'd be interested to hear your views.

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