Sunday, 12 October 2014

TGO Challenge 2015 - From start to finish, maybe?

The message appeared in my inbox with the heavy thud of a bundle of letters hitting the doormat.  It had arrived! Sue and Ali had received my challenge application form and cheque for the 2015 crossings.
Only a week or so before, I was torn between a very generous offer of an assured place on a team with a 9-timer and applying in my own right.  I can't tell you how grateful I was for the offer, nor how tempted I was to ignore my gut feeling and accept it.  I kept turning things over in my head.  The overriding feeling was that I wanted to walk to my own tune, my own pace and spontaneity.  And, in the end, I was prepared to forgo a fine opportunity, and great company, in favour of autonomy.  I hope I haven't offended my would-be challenge partner by choosing the gamble of a solo application. I'm pretty sure I have not. 
Back to the moment...  ...not this one......but the one where I had received THE email.  That's it! I'm in the draw at the very least.  I was sat in the Howgills with two pals on a hiking (drinking) weekend in my caravan.  The weather was fickle, and we had only managed about half the walking we had planned as a result. No matter, I was in the hills.
So this time next month, I will be eagerly awaiting the second email confirming my place on the challenge.  I do hope I shall be fortunate, it's my fortieth year, you see, and I really won't be able to get a pass so easily in any other year.  This will be my present, to me,  the ultimate gift.
So yet again I hold everything crossed; fingers, toes, legs, eyes and wires.  That darned 'Standby List' looms like an eastward cloud, threatening to offload it's burden of saturation.  Or will it pass over without a drop of further waiting?
Maybe, just maybe, I will make the first draw.
I'll be back in November with the news.
I know you can't wait.


  1. What can I say fella.
    I is offerin yooz a place init cos I is finkin you is a bloke what I can walk wiv for 2 weeks, and you is turnin mees down.
    I means.. ***T!

    Just joking sir.

    Happy to offer you a place and happy with your choice.
    Now I have to keep fingers X for you, Lynsey and Robin making the draw.
    Cos I has a place like init. ��

    1. Top dude - thanks again, AW.

      ps. If you put a full-stop after the word 'fingers' that penultimate line becomes far more interesting.

  2. I'm very pleased for you Sir, and will be keeping my fingers crossed for you in the draw.

    1. Thanks, Alan. Hope to bump into you at some point on the way across.